Coronavirus Emergency


«Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not simply the absence of disease» World Health Organization

How can we manage the fear, stress, and sense of confusion generated by the Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency? How can we talk to our children about it to support them at such a delicate time? The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation's pedagogical team has created a valuable tool for you. Based on our twenty years of experience in the field of education, we created the vademecum "10 steps for talking to your children about it", which helps parents to communicate in the right way with their children, keeping themselves lucid and strong in the face of the current emergency. But it doesn't end there. We are also offering you a series of free online video lessons held by Patrizio Paoletti, the president of the Foundation, who will explore more deeply each of the 10 steps contained in the vademecum.


1. Live passionately: every difficulty is an opportunity

2. You are important: be an example

3. Choose what’s good for you: stimuli and environments condition you

4. The routine: your real friend

5. Listen before you speak: create harmony

6. Choose the right words: stories are powerful

7. You learn... by having fun. Together

8. Overcome the most dangerous virus: ignorance

9. Make efforts to “say things well”

10. Contribute: disseminate this vademecum

For twenty years the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation has been carrying out interdisciplinary research: neuroscientific, educational, psychological and social, developing tools to fully develop awareness in people, in whatever context or situation they are living in. The aim of this vademecum, written by the interdisciplinary team of the Foundation (pedagogues, neuroscientists, psychologists and trainers), is to increase and strengthen the positive resources that parents have, supporting them in their role as educators. Self-awareness, attention, resilience and the ability to manage emotions are all skills that every parent can strengthen in order to construct a meaningful narrative about what is happening.

This vademecum was produced in the context of "Envisioning the future: methods and techniques to strengthen hope and projectuality". Since 2017 this national project of the Foundation has offered free support to populations affected by emergencies, such as the earthquake in central Italy or the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, and to communities facing social emergencies (poverty, cultural integration, economic uncertainty) throughout our country. A heartfelt thanks goes to the supporters of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation. Their contribution allows us to work to guarantee each child and adult the best support in the educational practices of growth and development, to live passionately every day.


Disseminate this vademecum and take part in improving the conditions of this moment. Increase hope and projectuality: make the ability to evaluate, listen and act, grow in you and in others, learning from everything and all things! Many others like you can benefit from it.


The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is a non-profit research institution founded in Assisi in 2000 by Patrizio Paoletti and a group of researchers, pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, doctors and entrepreneurs. It operates thanks to the support of over 100,000 people to achieve a single goal: to promote the best part of each person.

The Foundation carries out international research to provide innovative, accessible and useful education. We study human functioning through interdisciplinary research: neuroscientific, psychological, educational and social. We immediately apply the results in education and teaching to promote the best talents in children and adults.